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There are times in most people's lives that a Rite of Passage is required. It could be a simple Celebration that you require, or a grandiose Hand fasting within a sacred space of your choosing. What ever your requirements we here at Shared Earth have many years experience in celebrational ritual writing, and also at the closing of the chapter on this life time, we have the tact diplomacy and inner vision to help those in need of support and to deliver a celebration of a persons life in a very personal manner.

At Shared Earth, we have a lifetime commitment to the Old Ones. All of us have travelled along a Wiccan path for many years. We have a many and varied background as stated on our home page and we believe we have the knowledge and professionalism to perform rites of passage for people from Pagan, Humanitarian and non-aligned backgrounds.

All the Priests and Priestesses are committed to furthering the knowledge and openness of Celebrating YOUR life with a RITE that is RIGHT for you and those close to you.

Costs are on an individual basis and can be discussed upon meeting with you to enable you to celebrate your Rite of Passage


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