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Saturday 14 July 2018

Who and What is Shared Earth

Shared Earth has been running since the early 1990’s. The aim of Shared Earth is to create a spirit of family and belonging by bringing together people from all pagan paths to network in a safe and open environment.

Although the members of Shared Earth now all come from a Craft background of which I personally have over 20 years experience, we have a joint experience of more than 50 years. Previously we have been following many different paths including Pagan, Eco Environmentalist, Solitary Hedge Witch, Northern Tradition and Western Female Mysteries.

The events and workshops that have been organized by Shared Earth in the past have been fun days and a huge thanks to everyone who has joined us and helped. Ranging from a fund raiser for the Witchcraft Museum to Incense workshops, and drumming and chanting making creative days all full of memories of laughter and good people to meet and greet. Details of coming events can be found on the EVENTSpages.

In addition to the fund raiser's and workshops, we run an annual TRAINING course, which is a stand alone course and ideal for people starting out on their Spiritual Pagan path.

Some members of Shared Earth are able to offer THERAPIES or one to one sessions on a variety of subjects

We have a SHARED EARTH ON-LINE COMMUNITY hosted by Yahoo groups, to join please use the subscribe box in the LEFT navigation pane of this page. If you have any news, events or just general topics of interest that you want to let everyone know about or just want to start a general topic of conversation, then please join us on our Yahoo group.  We also have our facebook page and this can be accessed by logging into facebook and searching for Shared Earth.

You can e-mail us by clicking the e-mail logo to the left. Any feedback is most welcome; please use the feed back link on the left.

Thank you for your interest.

Brightest blessings to you and yours.